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JPM Lawyer Reviews

Shanelucas RamseyShanelucas Ramsey

Amazing lawyer, very hard working, does everything he possibly can for his clients and then some. I get to live my life each day happy and free because of this man and am forever grateful.

Azan TilahunAzan Tilahun

What a great service I had!!!
Very professional and effective.

Jina LeeJina Lee

1 word = INCREDIBLE! On the day of court, as I was dropped off at the front of the courthouse, with his magnificent, precise, and sheer confident work, Jay had my case dismissed before my family found parking. Jaw dropping, I know. Jay is 1 of the best attorneys I have ever met. Not only does he have an extensive knowledge in law, his passion for law brings him up to a level of vastness that is above and beyond many in his field. Education is what makes a competent lawyer. When you add cunning and savvy on top is when you get Jay Mykytiuk. It was MY pleasure to have him as counsel and should you be so lucky to have such a bulletproof defence. If you look up the word APPRECIATIVE in a thesaurus you will find all the synonyms that describe counselor Mykytiuk at all times. Such humbleness to match his fiery and exemplary way of winning. If you want a vanquished case, Jay is your man. It is imperative that you acquire him as council, if you want pure triumphant victory, because everything he does is a magnificent conquest. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this experience a memorable, in a good way, slam - dunk counselor.


Great services! Very diligent and efficient!

Cameron KendrickCameron Kendrick

Mr. Mykytiuk is as good as they get. During my experience he was always calm and collected, never showing signs of worry even when I knew I had put him in a tough position. He helped me every step of the way and when the big day finally came, he conquered. Two thumbs up and a definite 5 star attorney.