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D.C. Council Considers Truce on Prostitution, MPD Stays in the Trenches

Apparently, the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department didn’t get the memo. Because, while the D.C. Council considers a measure that would legalize prostitution in the District of Columbia, MPD’s prostitution sting operations are continuing at full throttle. Once again, arrests for solicitation of prostitution appear to be up in D.C. This, despite the fact that […]

Easy Targets: Is MPD Targeting Uber and Taxi Drivers in Solicitation of Prostitution Cases?

In a disturbing trend, I’ve seen a large rise in solicitation of prostitution arrests among those who pick up and drive customers for a living. It’s that time of year again, when MPD decides to devote a tremendous amount of resources to stamping out sex among consenting adults. Washington D.C. police have seemed, in recent […]

Is This Thing On? The “Just Joking” Solicitation of Prostitution Defense

Generally, when you tell a joke that no one gets, the worst that usually happens is you have to explain the joke. Embarrassing? Maybe.  But when you joke around with an undercover Washington, D.C. police officer posing as a prostitute, the consequences of being unfunny can be more severe. In the case of one defendant, […]

Gone in 60 Seconds: DC Council Considers Impounding Vehicles in Solicitation of Prostitution Cases

Washington, D.C. Police continue to crack down on prostitution, and their efforts are being supported by D.C. Councilman, Jack Evans. In the month of July, 2015 D.C. police have arrested more than 30 people in prostitution stings. All the arrests appear to have been men allegedly seeking sex for money, otherwise known as solicitation of […]

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places: MPD Continues to Target D.C. Prostitution

A Washington Post article today confirmed what Washington D.C. Solicitation of Prostitution lawyers already knew:  that the D.C. police seemingly have unlimited resources to direct towards their war against illicit sex. Not satisfied with simply getting prostitutes off the streets, MPD has brought their fight behind closed doors, setting-up johns with fake sex ads, and […]

Stuck in the Past: Why MPD Refuses to Record Sexual Solicitation Arrests

Everything is recorded. There are cameras on street corners and in every store. Almost every man, woman, and child has a cell phone that takes crystal clear HD video. There are dash-cams in many city’s police cars, and some D.C. police have started wearing body cameras, joining a national trend. Audio and video equipment is […]

A D.C. Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Perspective on MPD’s Overzealous Pursuit of Prostitution Convictions

You might be minding your own business, walking to the store or home from the bars in Washington, D.C. A barely-dressed woman walks up to you and asks you what you want, “honey.” You might decide to play along, and start talking about prices. But the next thing you know, several of D.C’s finest are […]

“Bitch Set Me Up:” Entrapment and Prostitution Stings in Washington, D.C.

Marion Barry’s now infamous quote stemming from his 1990 drug possession case has been echoed by many of his fellow Washington, D.C. neighbors, albeit in a different context. These unfortunate defendants have found themselves caught up in one of the many prostitution stings conducted by the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department. In their infinite wisdom, the […]