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Video Killed the Radio Star: Court Tells Prosecutors They Must Preserve Video in Washington, D.C. DUI Cases

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals recently issued an important decision for Washington, D.C. DUI lawyers and their clients. In the case of Koonce v. District of Columbia, the Court put the D.C. Attorney General’s Office on notice that failing to preserve station house video of a DUI defendant will constitute a discovery violation […]

The Devil is in the Details: Deferred Sentencing Agreements in Washington, D.C. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Cases

In general, plea offers made in Washington, D.C. DUI cases aren’t worth the paper they‘re printed on. They essentially consist of inviting the DUI defendant to plead guilty to DUI. For a first offense without an elevated blood alcohol content or the presence of illegal drugs, the prosecutor almost always indicates that they will be […]

Ins, Outs, and What Have Yous: Collateral Consequences of a Washington, D.C. DUI Conviction

Being arrested for DUI in Washington, D.C. is a miserable experience. It usually starts with a night in jail, followed by a trip to the impound lot to retrieve your car. Next comes your first trip to court, (maybe ever, for some) during which you are confused and perhaps a little frightened. Depending on your […]

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places: MPD Continues to Target D.C. Prostitution

A Washington Post article today confirmed what Washington D.C. Solicitation of Prostitution lawyers already knew:  that the D.C. police seemingly have unlimited resources to direct towards their war against illicit sex. Not satisfied with simply getting prostitutes off the streets, MPD has brought their fight behind closed doors, setting-up johns with fake sex ads, and […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Video Evidence in Washington, D.C. DUI Cases

Police reports rarely paint a flattering picture of a D.C. DUI defendant. They usually describe a stumbling drunk who can’t keep his or her balance while walking from point A to point B. The officer will also highlight all the things the defendant did wrong during the one-legged stand and walk and turn tests, including […]

This is Not a Golden Ticket, Charlie: The D.C. “Hit and Run Letter” and What to Do About It

If I had a time machine, I would use it for two things. First, I’d travel back to 1919 and stop the Red Sox from trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees. That’s a no-brainer. But after that, I’d go visit all of my D.C. Leaving after Colliding clients who spoke to the police before they […]

A Swing and a Miss: Jason Werth Strikes Out on a Virginia Reckless Driving Charge

While no longer known for his speed on the basepaths, the Washington Nationals’ Jason Werth can at least drive fast around the Capital Beltway. Very fast, according to the Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. Werth was convicted of reckless driving in the Fairfax County General District Court recently, and sentenced to 10 days in jail. […]

Stuck in the Past: Why MPD Refuses to Record Sexual Solicitation Arrests

Everything is recorded. There are cameras on street corners and in every store. Almost every man, woman, and child has a cell phone that takes crystal clear HD video. There are dash-cams in many city’s police cars, and some D.C. police have started wearing body cameras, joining a national trend. Audio and video equipment is […]

Not Guilty: This is Why We Try Washington, D.C. DUI Cases

At first glance, the facts looked bad. The Officer’s police report indicated that the client had red, bloodshot eyes, and smelled of alcohol. On the Field Sobriety Tests, the defendant “failed” the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) test and the officer stopped the Walk and Turn Test for the “suspect’s safety,” after she stumbled and almost […]

A D.C. Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Perspective on MPD’s Overzealous Pursuit of Prostitution Convictions

You might be minding your own business, walking to the store or home from the bars in Washington, D.C. A barely-dressed woman walks up to you and asks you what you want, “honey.” You might decide to play along, and start talking about prices. But the next thing you know, several of D.C’s finest are […]