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The Straight Dope: What You Need To Know About Washington, DC Drug Laws

In the District of Columbia, there are three types of drug offenses: possession, possession with intent to distribute, and distribution. Your Washington, D.C. criminal defense lawyer should be familiar with all three. Possession of a controlled substance is charged if a person is accused of simply having drugs.  There are two types of possession under […]

Washington, D.C. Sexual Abuse Crimes

Some of the most serious charges I see as a Washington, D.C. criminal defense lawyer, involve sexual misconduct. In the District of Columbia, there are four degrees of sexual abuse. First Degree Sexual Abuse (“1st DSA”) is the most serious offense charged.  This offense is usually charged for acts of forcible and violent rapes.  To […]

Breaking Bad: Self-Defense in Washington, D.C. Assault Cases

While there is no such thing as a typical D.C. assault, “victims” are rarely bystanders who are randomly assaulted by strangers. No, most clients looking for a Washington, D.C. assault lawyer were 1) involved in a domestic situation, or 2) in a bar or club fight. While a domestic assault, by definition, involves people who […]

Abracadabra: Lost Video Appears in D.C. Simple Assault Case

Sometimes cops are lazy. Sometimes they are sloppy. Washington, D.C criminal defense lawyers have to be prepared to deal with both. Case in point: my client was charged with two counts of assault and two counts of possession of a prohibited weapon. The total maximum penalty if convicted of all four charges would be up […]

Sticker Shock: The Cost of a Washington, D.C. Criminal Defense Lawyer

You may have noticed that finding how much a criminal defense lawyer costs is one of the few things that’s very difficult to find on-line. And you aren’t necessarily going to get the answer by reading this blog. Even as I write this, I’m not sure that writing about the cost of a D.C. criminal […]

Washington D.C. DUI Diversion: The Cost of a Clean Slate

If  you’ve been arrested for DUI in Washington, D.C., you probably started worrying about the consequences as soon as the handcuffs went on. Will I go to jail? Will I lose my driver’s license? Will this be on my record? If you are a Legal Permanent Resident, or have some other non-citizen immigration status, you […]

A Matter of Trust: On Hiring a Washington, D.C. Criminal Defense Laywer

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ve been arrested, and are figuring out what to do next. You’ve probably gone to google (or maybe Bing, but that seems unlikely), and searched for “D.C. criminal defense lawyer,” or “D.C. DUI lawyer,” or “D.C. prostitution lawyer,” etc. Chances are, pages and pages of lawyers have been […]

Gone in 60 Seconds: DC Council Considers Impounding Vehicles in Solicitation of Prostitution Cases

Washington, D.C. Police continue to crack down on prostitution, and their efforts are being supported by D.C. Councilman, Jack Evans. In the month of July, 2015 D.C. police have arrested more than 30 people in prostitution stings. All the arrests appear to have been men allegedly seeking sex for money, otherwise known as solicitation of […]

Round 2: Fighting a Civil Protection Order Extension

A year ago, you were brought to court by an ex spouse or significant other, or perhaps a family member. Maybe you consented to the entry of a Civil Protection Order (CPO), or maybe the judge entered an order after a hearing.  One year has almost passed, and you’ve done everything the order required. You […]

You Can’t Go Home Again: Washington, D.C. Civil Protection Order (CPO) May Bar You from Your Own Dwelling

Civil Protection Orders (CPO) can cause the recipient many headaches, but perhaps nothing hits closer to home than being banned from your own house or apartment. While this is a common condition of a CPO issued in Washington, D.C. or Virginia, it is most commonly seen in cases where the petitioner and respondent are actually […]