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Simple Assault: More Complicated Than You Think

The word “assault” usually conjures images of punches, kicks, and slaps. In other words, violence. But if you’ve been charged with assault in the District of Columbia, the definition of assault is much broader and often surprising to defendants. Because you can be charged with assault in Washington, D.C., simply for laying your hands on […]

It’s Out of Your Hands: The Myth of Pressing Charges in Virginia Domestic Violence Cases

I’m not sure where the idea came from, probably T.V. or movies, but many of my Arlington, and Alexandria domestic assault clients often believe that their case will go away if their spouse simply tells the prosecutor that they don’t want to press charges. But nothing could be farther from the truth. While prosecutors will […]

Easy Targets: Is MPD Targeting Uber and Taxi Drivers in Solicitation of Prostitution Cases?

In a disturbing trend, I’ve seen a large rise in solicitation of prostitution arrests among those who pick up and drive customers for a living. It’s that time of year again, when MPD decides to devote a tremendous amount of resources to stamping out sex among consenting adults. Washington D.C. police have seemed, in recent […]

Case Dismissed: Good Things Come to Those Who Work

If I were charged with a crime, I’d definitely want my case dismissed. That would be a great outcome, and would save me a lot of trouble, maybe some jail time, a criminal record, and several trips to the probation office. So I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised when so many of my clients […]

When a Tie is Really a Win: Hung juries and Mistrials

The saying goes that when a game ends in a tie it’s like kissing your sister—not very appetizing for most of us without incestuous impulses. But when you’re talking about a jury trial, a “tie” is usually a win for the defendant, and a loss for the government. But let’s back up. All persons charged […]

It’s Alive, Alive: D.C. Superior Court Judge Shows that 4th Amendment Still has Teeth

It’s no secret that if you get pulled over by the police in Washington, D.C., the officer likely has more on his mind than a broken taillight or an illegal turn on red. If police officers observe any traffic infraction, no matter how small, they have the right to pull you over and write you […]

Unlawful Entry: It Might Not Mean What You Think It Means

One of the first things that a new client charged with Unlawful Entry in Washington, D.C. often says to me is: I didn’t enter unlawfully, I was a paying customer! While that may be true, there is a lot more to the charge of Unlawful Entry that most people think. Washington, D.C. does not have […]

Halloween Night in Washington, DC Ends with Multiple Reports of Robbery

Georgetown is not one of the areas in which we typically hear about crimes such as robbery and assault; however, according to a recent news article from WJLA Washington, DC, a student was walking home Halloween night when a group as large as 20 teenagers and young adults allegedly approached him.   He was allegedly beaten […]

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a D.C. Criminal Charge

When you left the house this morning, surely you didn’t expect to be arrested for a crime.  Sirens, lights, handcuffs—the entire process was undoubtedly one of the most stressful events in your life.  You breathe a sigh of relief because at least you were released on citation, but now you’re facing misdemeanor criminal charges in […]

Taking the Gloves Off: Good Things Can Happen When You Go To Trial

While serious felonies get all the press—think armed robbery, rape, murder—a criminal defense lawyer in Washington, D.C. spends the bulk of his time defending misdemeanors. These include assault, domestic or otherwise, driving under the influence (DUI), hit and run, solicitation of prostitution, petty theft, drug possession cases, and the like.  For many defendants, this is […]