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You Have the Right to Remain Silent…Use It!

We’ve all heard the Miranda warning hundreds, if not thousands, of times on television shows and movies.  It has become a part of our culture and even children can recite this from memory. “You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.  […]

I Just Got a DUI and I Have Questions

Drunk driving is aggressively prosecuted in the District of Columbia.  Even a first time offense may result in significant fines, jail time, loss of driving privileges, and other negative consequences.  A DUI conviction may impact your ability to find a job or maintain employment, and you can expect your car insurance to increase significantly or […]

Criminal Defense Attorney for Juveniles in Virginia

When a child gets arrested, it can be devasting for any parent.  Juvenile offenses can be something as minor vandalism to something as serious as a violent offense or sex offense.  Having the right juvenile defense attorney in Virginia can make a huge difference in the outcome and a huge difference in your child’s future. […]

Do I Need an Experienced D.C. Drug Lawyer?

Washington D.C. drug laws and statutes and the D.C drug schedules and classifications are often confusing and complicated.  It is important to have the assistance of an experienced Washington DC drug lawyer to help you navigate through the criminal justice system and work toward proving reasonable doubt and ultimately a not-guilty verdict. Schedule of drugs […]

How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Firm in Washington DC?

After an arrest, finding the right criminal defense lawyer or law firm can be a difficult task.  Many people ask how to find the best criminal defense firm.  In reality, it’s difficult to point out one lawyer or law firm and designate them the “best.”  The most important thing to do is find a lawyer […]

Filing a Civil Protection Order in DC

In the District of Columbia, a Civil Protection Order (or “CPO”) is the term used to describe what is commonly known as a Restraining Order.  Often time, a CPO can protect a victim of domestic violence where police may not have enough evidence to file formal criminal charges.  In addition, even for cases where criminal […]

Can You Smoke Marijuana in Public in DC?

  The short answer is no. It remains illegal to smoke marijuana in the District of Columbia under both local and federal law. The District has seen a sea change in marijuana laws over the last few years but smoking in public remains illegal. It started in 2014 when the City Council passed a bill […]

Behind Enemy Lines: Voluntary Police Interviews in Sexual Assault Investigations

It’s up there with one of the worst phone calls you can get—a detective from the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) informs you that you’re under investigation for a sexual assault. You believe you haven’t done anything wrong, but someone has accused you of an inappropriate sexual touching or worse. And now the detective […]

Washington D.C. Civil Protective Orders

In the District of Columbia, a civil protection order (“CPO”) requires that the person who is subject to the order (the respondent) stay away from the petitioner – the person requesting protection. A protection order is issued by the court and directs the respondent to refrain from abusing, harassing, threatening, committing a crime, or having […]

Understanding Assault in the District of Columbia

When most people think of “assault”, they imagine a fistfight or some other similar very violent behavior, often with weapons. However, that is not always the case. In the District of Columbia, you can be charged with assault without actually striking or even touching someone. D.C. defines assault as the threat or use of force […]