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It’s Out of Your Hands: The Myth of Pressing Charges in Virginia Domestic Violence Cases

I’m not sure where the idea came from, probably T.V. or movies, but many of my Arlington, and Alexandria domestic assault clients often believe that their case will go away if their spouse simply tells the prosecutor that they don’t want to press charges. But nothing could be farther from the truth. While prosecutors will […]

Washington, D.C. Sexual Abuse Crimes

Some of the most serious charges I see as a Washington, D.C. criminal defense lawyer, involve sexual misconduct. In the District of Columbia, there are four degrees of sexual abuse. First Degree Sexual Abuse (“1st DSA”) is the most serious offense charged.  This offense is usually charged for acts of forcible and violent rapes.  To […]

Silence is Golden: Complying with Domestic Violence Pre-trial Release Conditions

Time and time again in Washington D.C. domestic assault cases, I find myself standing in court with my client, trying to explain to the judge why he or she shouldn’t go to jail while we are waiting for trial. It’s frustrating, because this conversation is completely avoidable. But let’s back up. . . Washington D.C. […]